Character building:
  • Human
  • 3rd Level
  • Spell casters (Wizards/Sorcerers) are generally foreigners.
  • Standard character rolling (4D6)
  • Hit points will be rolled.

The adventure opens during the climax of the Trojan war. Equipment and gold will be rolled as a 1st level character. I leave it to you to decide the role you played during the battle.


Does Bronze armor and weapon cause a reduction in AC, tohit or damage?


From the Arms & Equipment Guide:
Bronze weapons get a -1 penalty to hit and damage (instead of the normal -2 penalty for non-steel weapons). Bronze has hardness 9 and 20 hp/inch.
Bronze shields have hardness 9 and fewer hp than steel shields.
Bronze breastplates have -1 AC but +1 max dex compared to steel breastplates.


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