A Flowing Monk in the Order of Hermes. A sailor, cobbler, shipwright, librarian and chef. A Corinthian wanderer and traveler.


Human Monk 4th Level (Flowing Monk)

STR14 +2
INT 13 +1
WIS 16 +3
DEX 16 +3
CON 12 +1
CHA 9 -1

HP: 31
Damage: 0
Kai Pool: 6

Saves: Fort: 5; Ref: +7; Will: +7; (9 vs. Enchantment)

AC: 17 (+1 per adjacent opponent)
CMB: +6 +8 for trip
CMD: 19; 21 vs Bullrush or Overrun; 23 vs Trip

BAB: 3
Flurry: +4/
4 1d8+2 Or trip 6/6
Unarmed: 6 1d82 or Trip 8
Dagger: +5 1d4
Staff: 7 or +5/5 1d6+2
Ranged: 6 1d32

Traits (2)
Honored Fist of the Society
World Traveler

Flurry of Blows+ 2/+2
Still Mind
Flowing Dodge (ex) +1 to AC for each adjacent opponent
Ki Pool
Magic fists
Slow Fall 20 feet

H. Combat Reflexes
1st Ki Throw
B1 Improved Trip
Improved Unarmed Strike
Redirection (Ex) Reflex DC 10 + Wis Bonus + 1/2 Monk Level or Sickened 2 Rounds
Unbalancing Counter (EX) Reflex DC 10 + Wis Bonus + 1/2 Monk Level or Flatfooted 1 Round
3rd Tiger Style

Acrobatics (DEX) 4 (3 +3) = +10
Climb (STR) 4 (
2 3) = +9
Craft, Ships (INT) 1 (
1 3) = +5
Craft, Shoe (INT) 1 (
1 3) = +5
Escape Artist (DEX) 4 (
3 3) = +10
Intimidate (CHA) 3 (-1 +3) = +5
Knowledge, History (INT) 2 (
1 3) = +6
Knowledge, Religion (INT) 3 (
1 3) = +7
Linguistics (INT) 3 (
1 0) = +4
Perception (WIS) 4 (
3 3) = +10
Perform (CHA) 1 (-1 +3) = +3
Profession, Sailor (WIS) 1 (
3 3) = +7
Profession, Cook (WIS) 1 (
3 3) = +7
Profession, Librarian (WIS) 1 (
3 3) = +7
Ride (DEX) 1 (
3 3) = +7
Sense Motive (WIS) 4 (
3 4) = +11
Stealth (DEX) 4 (
3 3) = +10
Survival (WIS) 3 (
3 0) = +6
Swim (STR) 3 (
2 +3) = +8

372 gp 15 SP 30 cp

Chinese Bamboo staff, masterwork +1 to hit only
bronze dagger
Bullets, 20 Stones 20
Belt Pouch, 2 (one for bullets)
Traveler’s Outfit
Monk’s Outfit
Silk Rope, 50 feet
Grappling Hook
Rations, 6 days
Oil, flask
sacks, 3


Named for the titan Epimetheus, the Titan of afterthought and Father of excuses, Epimetheus is still seeking wisdom, but has yet to fully grasp it.
Born to a prosperous pig farmer in Corinth, Epimetheus soon tired of the dirty jobs handed out to younger sons on a pig farm. Seeing no other option, Epimetheus began a campaign to convince his 8 older brothers and sisters that he was the obvious choice to make the sacrifice and leave the family. Luckily, his brothers and sisters were happy enough where they were, and Epimetheus showed some native wit and a penchant for causing disasters around the farm, all purely accidental of course, and won his siblings over to his cause to never clean another hog pen again. His siblings were able to convince his father that Epimetheus was suitable as their village’s share of the annual tribute of a boy and girl to the nearby Temple of Hermes on Mount Kyllini. Taken in as an acolyte at the age of 9 by the monks of Hermes, he was trained to be self-sufficient and able to handle himself in the rough and tumble world. The Order of Hermes spends most of their time on the road, aiding lost travelers, carrying messages, and making their way in the world. Epimetheus learned the skills of a Sailor and a Librarian, but was often in the kitchens of the Temple where he soon graduated from pot scrubbing to assistant to the chef. Epimetheus is a gourmet chef in his own right and seeks out recipes, delicacies, and fine food and wine on his travels. Helping him in his travels is his ability to speak 4 languages, including the secret finger talk of the Order of Hermes. Despite time in the kitchen and library, Epimetheus was trained to make and repair his own sandals, and to build and repair the fishing and sailing craft used by the Order. His body had been strengthened and toughened, but also trained in the supple flow of water and air, the foundation of the Order’s martial discipline. Hours spent being tossed around by the older monk’s who trained him convinced Epimetheus it is better to be the one tripping than the one tripped. And he had the bruises to prove it. With all these skills, the Order believed Epimetheus was ready to leave for his wandering time, fully able to keep himself fed and clothed, able to earn a few coins, and to aid those travelers in need, all while experiencing the wonders of the wide world.

Languages: Greek, Egyptian, Phonecian, X, and Order of Hermes Finger Talk.

After participating in the sack of Troy, Epimetheus and his fellows saptured, and lost, the Lyre of Apollo. Also known as the String or Threads of Fate. They had to run down one of their companions, Argosius, who had stolen teh lyre to try and bring his dead son back from Tartarus, the Greek land of the dead.

In the pursuit, they came upon an island Poseidon had marked for things to dangerous to loose upon the world. But Epimetheus used teh Lyre to break free, angering Poeseidon. After being shipwrecked, they were captured by King Kryos who had ailed in pursuit of them and the Lyre. Breaking free again, Eimetheus and Stabby the Rogue killed the king on his royal ship, in his royal tent, in a not really very heroic ambush. But, in the end, the king was dead, they possessed teh ship and the Lyre, and things progressed.

At Crete, they had another adventure, told else where. Epimetheus is torn between supporting his long time companion, going on teh quest to tartarus where only Hermes and a very hew others ahve ever returned from, or to secure the Lyre somewhere to protect the Gods and the very world itself. What will he do, what WILL he do?!?


Argos Daryl